UK / Ravenna Rules

To clarify to our players what the UK and Ravenna Rules are, we will start by saying that right now, both are exactly the same EXCEPT that the UK allows CE and IE in some tournaments. Both use the swedish B/R List with the difference that they allow to play any reprint of the cards with an old frame, original art and no foil.

As we are supporters of the largest number of reprints in practically the entire peninsula, we will focus on the UK Rules.


Legal Sets:

Collector’s Edition (CE)
International Collector’s Edition (IE)
Arabian Nights
The Dark


All reprints are legal if they have:

– Old frame
– Original art
– Non foil

For example you can use: a Chronicles City of Brass, a Wrath of God of Sixth Edition, or a Psionic Blast of Time Spiral. It could not be used, for example, an Ice Age Disenchant, or  Birds of Paradise of M12.

The Serendib Efreet and the Plateau de Revised are of course legal.

The following misprints will also be legal in our UK tournaments.

The decks must have a minimum of 60 cards and a side board of up to 15 cards.

Banned Cards:
• Bronze Tablet
• Contract from Below
• Darkpact
• Demonic Attorney
• Jeweled Bird
• Rebirth
• Tempest Efreet

Restricted Cards:
• Ancestral Recall
• Balance
• Black Lotus
• Braingeyser
• Channel
• Chaos Orb
• Contract from Below*
• Darkpact*
• Demonic Tutor
• Library of Alexandria
• Mana Drain
• Mind Twist
• Mishra’s Workshop
• Mox Emerald
• Mox Jet
• Mox Pearl
• Mox Ruby
• Mox Sapphire
• Regrowth
• Shahrazad
• Sol Ring
• Strip Mine
• Time Walk
• Timetwister
• Wheel of Fortune

*Note that ante-cards are banned if the tournament/game you play isn’t played for Ante.


  • Chaos Orb
    1, Tap: Choose a nontoken permanent on the battlefield. If Chaos Orb is on the battlefield, flip Chaos Orb onto the battlefield from a height of at least one foot. If Chaos Orb turns over completely at least 360 degrees during the flip, and lands resting on the chosen permanent, destroy that permanent. Then destroy Chaos Orb.
  • Falling Star
    Choose any number of non-overlapping creatures on the battlefield. Flip Falling Star from at least a height of one foot. If Falling Star turns over completely at least 360 degrees during the flip, it deals 3 damage to each chosen creature it lands resting on. Any creatures damaged by Falling Star that are not destroyed become tapped.



For our UK / Ravenna Rules tournaments we will use one local variation: the no draws policy.

No draws policy:

In order to encourage the maximum amount of Magic and matches being played (and disincentivize draws and concession for seeding), we enforce a strict no draw policy (intentional or otherwise). After 50 minutes if there was a tied match, the tie breaker will be a sudden death Chaos Orb flipping contest, similar to a hockey or soccer overtime shootout. If both players make or miss the Chaos Orb flip in the same round, repeat the process. The first person to make it while the other person misses will be declared the winner of the match. The point of Old School is to play Old School, so we always encourage everyone to play quickly and have fun each round, and this tournament structure has worked very well to that end.