Hello one more time, people! After the last article talking about a relatively new format, we are back to the daily routine and today’s article is going to be about one deck. Is a fairly popular deck and I am sure you have played it (or against it). It’s one of the best control archetypes in Old School, along with The Deck: Disco Troll. Before we start talking about it, there’s a beautiful photo of the deck:

As you can read on the photo, our friend from Catalunya Raul Roso won the Spanish Nationals of 2019 (fuck Covid, there hasn’t been a 2020 one) with this marvellous black bordered deck. Now you know the cards, so we are going to explain how it works.

Basically, is a control deck, so you are trying to exchange card by card, just before you gain advantage and kill they with a Fireball or with one of the few creatures it plays. The interesting part is how this obtains the card advantage. The Deck does it manipulating the number of cards in hand with artifacts as Jayemdae’s Tome or Disrupting Scepter, but Disco Troll does it with a curious synergy: Sedge Troll and Nevinyrral’s Disk.

It’s easy: Disk clears the board and Troll regenerates. In Old School there are only a few creatures that regenerate with a power / toughness ratio that are worth playing, and the Troll is one of them; if we control a Swamp, is going to be a 3/3. Obviously, as every control deck in the format, it plays all the blue card draw along with the P9 (Raul changed a Twister for a Recall).

Clearing the board we can do a 3×1 (or more) very easily because Disk destroys artifacts and enchanments too (Moxen), and we can untap with a Troll ready to attack. On the other side, this creature can buy us time blocking big creatures as Erhnams and regenerating, and stops cold a Weenie deck with his 3 toughness. As a finisher, apart from the aforementioned Trolls and the direct damage, he plays a single Sol-Kanar wich is a beast closing matches fast.

As a bonus, here you go another version of the deck. Brandon Radke played this RB Ponza in Northern Paladins 2019 Spring Regrowth. The idea is similar, but in this deck you are going for the lands. Also, he plays another fun card that is great with Disk: Ruckh Egg.

But these are the decks we always see, and they are well known. So in LMOS we are always trying to improve, so our friend Daniel Lasheras took an idea from Timmy the Sorcerer’s YouTube channel, tuned it a bit, and played on the monthly league to take the second place. Here’s the video:

And here is Dani’s deck. Two things: first is that he plays 61 cards. Dani himself told me that he would cut a Sword; in fact, has helped me a lot in the making of this article so thanks! Second, the cards you don’t see on the up right are Recall, Ancestral, Walk and Braingeyser.

This deck is a total revolution, because white addresses the two major problems of the original: the mirror match and the troublesome artifacts / enchantments when they counter the Disk. When you were playing the mirror you had to keep your counters up because if they played a Troll that they could regenerate, you were way behind on the match. Now you have Swords that directly exile the creature for only one mana or the Balance to keep the board clean of creatures.

Also, in the mirror the Disks are very bad, because they only kill Moxen and some distracted Mishra. Normally we could try to kill Mishras with Bolt and use Strip mine to keep opponent out of one colour or double blue for Counterspell or something like that. With Disenchant we have another kill for Mishras or for those pesky Orbs.

This deck improves the agro matchup a lot too. Then, to play Disk and activate were four turns (with a Mox), and if the opponent goes Shops, Mox Su-chi, bye bye… now, we have nine! one or two mana answers to this, and that’s a lot of advantage. Between Swords, Disenchant, Bolt, Balance and Chaos Orb we can stop fast starts from RG and Quicksilver too, and then just play the Disk and do our thing. And in the sideboard we have access to the iconic duo of CoP: Red and some more artifact destruction.

But not everything is fine. Playing four colours has disadvantages too, basically all of them related to the mana base. The biggest drawback is that with all the lands that produce white, the Troll doesn’t get +1/+1 very often because you only play 6 swamps total, and in the EC format you have to count the 4 strip mines of the opponent. Is possible to regenerate the Trolls because you play Citys, but you are taking damage every time you use one. On the same trend, sometimes you can have a troll stuck in hand because there’s no Badlands on the deck. Maybe we could solve part of this changing a Tundra for a Badlands, but you need the double blue to have Counterspell up.

As you see, we can innovate in Old School. Innovate is not only to create a fancy new deck; tuning a previous existing deck to get rid of the weaknesses and making it stronger is innovating too. This makes the deck more competitive or funnier. I hope this article has given you ideas and you start brewing different decks. Until next time, never forget that Old School is for fun; so forget netdecking and start playing your pet cards in every deck!

2 comentarios en “WHITE TROLL AT THE DISCO (English)

  1. Great to see that my videos inspire other OS players to brew! That’s one of the main reasons for me to pay more attention to the builds in the video. This particular deck is created by Anne Joldersma btw, a Dutch player with an amazing collection 😀

    Keep up the great work!


    Me gusta

  2. diliz13

    Thanks a lot! We are old time followers of your videos and we love the brews you usually discover to the world. Thanks for the info, he has contacted us on fb. Until next time! 😉

    Me gusta

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